Talking to kids about touch, boundaries and safety rules doesn’t have to be scary

As parents we know that it’s up to us to talk to our kids about the safety rules about touch and boundaries. This can be an intimidating process for parents, but it doesn’t have to be scary. This conversation can be difficult because often parents don’t know what to say. Child safety expert and Kidpower founder Irene van der Zande and I are working on providing resources to help guide you through this process.

On our Doing Right by Our Kids website, we just released a free “Talking about Touch and Boundaries” starter kit, with safety rules spelled out clearly, discussion & practice coaching tips for parents, and a free Kidpower coloring book and pages from the Kidpower Safety Comics for you to share directly with your kids.

Just sign up on the home page and you’ll receive instant access to our Digital Library of free resources.

and, this time next week, on Tuesday April 17th at 1 pm ET, Irene and I will be leading a live Q&A session on “Keeping Our Kids Safe” on

We’ll hope you’ll join us and bring your top questions about child safety to be answered in the chat.

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