The woman who started Fired Up, Ready to Go

There were many memorable speeches at last week’s Democratic Convention: President Obama, President Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama got a great deal of deserved attention. But hearing more than 12 hours of speeches, there were many other speakers who stood out–some of whom were “regular” people: Sister Simone Campbell of Nuns on the Bus, Zach Walls who spoke about marriage equality on behalf of his moms. And I could not neglect to mention former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, who revved up the crowd with her Detroit auto industry inspired zingers. She had a sound bite for the ages when said that in Mitt Romney’s world, “the cars get the elevator and the workers get the shaft.” During the 6+-hour wait before the President spoke, Granholm really got the crowd revving.

One of my favorite testimonies was shown via video. Edith S. Childs from Greenwood, South Carolina, tells the story of how she got Barack Obama “Fired Up, Ready to Go.” She created a meme that fired up a movement.

It is an inspiring and charming story…watch it for yourself.

President Obama stands up for women’s rights

I was so heartened by President Obama’s recent message standing up for women’s rights. A must-watch video.